Thursday, November 18, 2010

Choose and Review - "Picture Hunt"

For one of the weeks this month, I’ve planned a singing time using several of our favorite songs about service. It’s a “Picture Hunt” which is loosely based on the idea of a treasure hunt. Clues in the song lead to a picture with another song title that has clues to the next picture, and so on.

We’ll begin by singing “I Will Be Valiant” and I’ll ask the children to listen for who is serving and who is being served. The answer for this song is “I” and “serve his people” and I can predict that the children will choose the picture that I used when they learned the song. That picture has the title for “Called to Serve.” Answering the question should lead the children to choose the picture of the missionaries. That picture has the title for “Smiles,” which leads to the picture of the smiling child with the title “Tell Me The Stories of Jesus.” The picture of a primary class has the title of “Jesus is Our Loving Friend.” The children will likely choose the picture of Jesus with the child. This picture has the title “Families Can Be Together Forever,” pointing to a picture of a family in family home evening with the title “When We’re Helping.” Two pictures are left showing children serving or being kind. Both pictures will have the title “I Want to Be Kind to Everyone” and “As I Have Loved You.” Either of these songs match the pictures so we can sing one or the other for either picture.

This is nine songs total and depending on how the time goes we can spend some time discussing these ways to serve others. If there is extra time, we can sing “Do As I’m Doing,” pantomiming and guessing different ways to serve.

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Jenny in NC said...

I'm liking your ideas for different ways to use pictures. I am a very visual person, so the first idea that pops into my head is usually something to do with a picture, but I've fallen into the rut of just holding the picture or putting it on the chalk board. Thanks for the ideas. I think I'll do something like this the week before Christmas when we sing Christmas carols.

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