Thursday, October 20, 2011

Program Report

This time of year is always a little hard on Primary Choristers! I just want to encourage you all and send my best wishes and hopes that the program you are working on comes off just as you hope it will. In case it doesn't, don't feel responsible - just move on and have fun with the rest of this year! ;o) I'll tell you my story and maybe it will make someone feel better.

Remember, first of all, that I direct the music in a branch, and have a small group to begin with. We lost a number of children as they turned twelve. Then we had a couple of families move out. So, our core group for the program was reduced to about 12, with the usual few you just can't count on one way or the other.

The second factor in this story is that our building has been under construction. The biggest challenge recently has been the "missing" restrooms! Anyway, we were scheduled to have just one rehearsal on the Sunday before the program on the 16th. But then we got word that we wouldn't have meetings after Sacrament meeting - so no rehearsal, at all.  AAACCCKKK! We managed to get what children came that week to stay long enough to at least view some picture prompts for the twelve songs we were singing and get oriented as to where to sit. I started to sweat this just a little! Then, this last week, we again got the mid-week word that we wouldn't have regular meetings after Sacrament meeting. I knew this would reduce the number again, but I was shocked that only 6 children were brought to church to participate in the program, plus two little Sunbeams. One of my best singers had lost her voice and could only whisper. Two others had insisted the week before that they didn't want to stick out, so they just mouthed the words. I had only three children carrying the choir. Thank goodness we had a couple of teachers singing as well. Each time we sang, one of the Sunbeams waved her arm to help me lead, and sometimes she added a dance around my feet as well. ;o)

As always, I was told the children sang beautifully and it is true, they did. I really am convinced that angels must join us. No matter what, the Spirit somehow amplifies the situation in the hearts of those who hear, and I'm thankful for that. That is my witness this year. I hope each of you end up with a special memory as well!


Little Yancey Family said...

Thank you for sharing your experience. We too are under construction and our ward is going in town to the Stake Center which now has 3 wards and a branch in it, of course making scheduling anything difficult. We've pushed our program back to Nov. 13 hoping our church would be finished but of course new word is it won't be till the new year. The change is schedule has royally messed up our timing and practicing. The kids are doing a great job singing though so here's hoping for the best. :)

Emily said...

I actually think of October as a type of "mini-vacation." The hard work is already done, I just have to show up and direct the songs and work out any little bugs.

Of course, our building is not under construction and we have now had three weeks to practice, so that probably helps me relax. It might be a shock when I actually have to plan singing time again!

matilda said...

I have always found that the more disasters you have before the program the better it will be. I am sure yours was a wonderful program. The spirit is always there with the children and the families.

Marisa said...

Thanks for sharing this. I've been feeling a bit nervous, but we don't have construction going on or that small of a group. We have about 9 - 10 children that I can rely on, and we are actually in a ward! Like you said, I'm sure there are angels and the Spirit is what touches the congregations' hearts anyway.

Anonymous said...

What you do for a living/ as a vocation is so nice.

This may be on the pop/r n b side of music, but I thought you might want to see this equally talented kid, Max Petruzzi. I came across one of his videos recently and I like what he does.

Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing this! We had a flood in June leaving us out of our building until August and only had sacrament meetings during that period as the whole town was destroyed from it. I was away 2 weeks perior to the flood and the week we got home my husband had emergency heart surgery, leaving me without reviewing the songs we had worked on for 3 months In a row and missing learning 3 programs. I had just over 2 months to throw it together! Our program is next week so I've been so nervous! The kids are Doing awesome and no doubt the spirit and Angels will be there

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