Friday, January 22, 2010

Emergency Singing Time

This is my "emergency" singing time. I've been in the Primary presidency a number of times and I think it is really nice to have something prepared so that you don't have to scramble quite so much. So, I prepared the gifts, chose the songs and typed up the directions. I even made a separate list for the pianist. Then I put everything in a ziplock bag and put it in the Primary closet in case I can't get to church. The Primary presidency knows where to look. I hope that it will be helpful in case I'm not there.

Here are the directions for this singing time. It's just a basic choose and review and is pretty flexible as far as theme. I only offer this an an idea of what could be done. The idea came from the Sharing Time Ideas in the December 2008 issue of The Friend.

Briefly talk about gifts in our lives and how much it means to us to receive a gift. Show the children the wrapped gifts and explain that Heavenly Father has given us special gifts because we are members of the church. Have someone choose one of the gifts. Have the pianist play a few notes of the song and ask the children to guess the song. After they have guessed the song, help them guess the blessing. They may need to sing the song before they will be able to discover what the blessing is.

The number on the back of the gift is keyed to a song on the list for the pianist.

#1 ---Priesthood ---"Love is Spoken Here" (CS90)
#2 ---Scriptures ---"The Golden Plates" (CS86)
#3 ---Baptism ---"Baptism" (CS100)
#4 ---Holy Ghost ---"I Know My Father Lives" (CS5)
#5 ---Prophets ---"Follow the Prophet" (CS110)
#6 ---Temples ---"I Love to See the Temple (CS95)

This just might be the week someone will have to substitute for me. We've had snow and it is always possible that we won't be able get down our road. We live about 7 miles down an isolated dirt road. The road also gets bad if it rains too much. This is kind of challenging since we are active members of a church with oodles of activities! But I love where we live, so we, and I guess everyone else, just have to put up with it.


cassie said...

Thanks for your ideas. It is great to get all the tried and true ideas about primary singing time.
I love the emergency plan. That fits just perfectly with my personality. I like to have all my bases covered.

M said...

K, I love, love, love your new blog! It is evident this is a passion for you and that you are using your spiritual gifts to serve the Lord! Keep it up and I look forward to reading more of your ideas. As you know, I was in elementary education myself, so I can visualize how all of these activities will work! Stay warm in the snow... M

The Children Sing said...

Thanks for your comments. I appreciate the encouragement!

Kate said...

I used this activity today and the kids loved it!!!! Thanks!!!

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