Thursday, January 7, 2010

This Week's Plan

Last Sunday I began teaching the new song "I Know That My Savior Loves Me" using some actions as suggested in the Outline for Sharing Time and also some pictures to match the phrases. I was able to sing the song several times to the children and by the end of our time they had the chorus learned well and some of the olders were singing along on the first verse also. I spread the pictures out along the chalkboard tray and invited the children to listen and then choose which picture went with each phrase. I tried to make the pictures a fairly obvious choice and this worked well.

My plan for this week is to use the Nephite children cut-outs (from the Primary Visual Aids Cut-Outs, Set 6-People of the Scriptures) and place them on the chalkboard around the picture of Christ and the Book of Mormon Children (No. 84 in the Gospel Art Book). I'll write discovery questions on the back of each cut-out and invite the children to choose them. This will give me an opportunity to sing the song again several times and for the children to listen and then sing the phrases with the answers. Hopefully, I'll be able to begin the second verse as well. The questions are:

  • "Where were the children gathered?"

  • "What did the children see?"

  • "What did Jesus do?"

  • "What did the children feel?"

  • "What two things did I not do?"

The rhythm of the music is a regular, even beat and suggests walking. I can imagine the ancient children walking to gather around Jesus. I'll pass out the rhythm sticks and let the children tap them as we sing the song one final time.


Marquette Mower said...
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Katie Fry said...

Hey Kathleen,

This is great! I will have to keep my eye on this as I plan singing time for the kiddos!


Kathryn Wood said...

Thank you for this. It's a lovely idea!

jeri heggie said...

Thank you for sharing this again :)
I love this blog you have developed. I've been teaching music for over 2 years now and I found your blog when I first started. I have to thank you for many of your song planing ideas and simple lessons. THANK YOU!

Jessica said...

Just what I need for this week's Singing Time! Thanks!

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