Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Choose and Review - CTR Picture Study

This choose and review is a “Picture Study” about making choices. When I searched the blog to link to the post that describes picture study on my master list, I couldn't find a separate post. Maybe I've described it somewhere, but just in case I haven't, here's the scoop. Picture Study encourages the children to study a picture and come to a conclusion about what is happening, etc. In some cases, I might post just one picture, perhaps of Joseph Smith reading the scriptures, or Jesus and the children, or one of the temples. Then I'll ask the children questions about that picture. The children study the picture and we briefly discuss what they see. Then we sing songs based on what I've chosen to emphasize about that picture.

In this case, in order to review making good choices, I’ve prepared two sets of eight pictures. (The second set is for another week. It will come in handy if I need a last minute singing time or even a substitute later in the year.) I'll post the pictures on the board and ask a child to choose one picture. They may need to identify or describe the situation to the other children and we'll briefly discuss what kind of choice needs to be made in that situation. If they get it right away we'll go on to sing the song. If they don't catch on, I’ll ask the children to listen as we sing the review song to discover what choice should be made in that situation. Then we’ll go on to the next picture. I like doing picture studies. You never know what the kids will think the children in the picture are doing or what they will notice about the picture.

Lucky for me, The Friend magazine has all sorts of these "situation" kinds of illustrations. I chose several songs to review and then went looking for an appropriate picture in the digital pdf magazines. I printed the picture directly onto white cardstock, cut out around the picture and put a magnet on the back.

Here are the songs I picked to go with these pictures.

Set 1: “Fun to Do” (Saying hello is fun to do.) “Quickly I’ll Obey” “Love One Another” “Search, Ponder, and Pray” “The Family” “I Believe in Being Honest” “Family Prayer” “Kindness Begins With Me”

Set 2: “To Think About Jesus” “Fun to Do (Making a card is fun to do.) “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus” “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus” “Repentance” “Dare to Do Right” Quickly I’ll Obey” “Keep the Commandments”


teckybecky said...

I love this idea and can't wait to use it. But, everytime I try to find an image on lds.org in the Friend magazines, I get only the accompanying story or activity. Can you tell me how to find these great pictures? thanks Becky

Marisa said...

Thank you for this idea! I a looking for a substitute plan for next week and this is perfect!

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