Thursday, March 22, 2012

Using Pictures from the Friend Magazine

Regarding the last post and using pictures from the Friend magazine, Becky said...

"I love this idea and can't wait to use it. But, every time I try to find an image on in the Friend magazines, I get only the accompanying story or activity. Can you tell me how to find these great pictures?"

I thought I would do a separate post so that more people could see the answer to this question.

In you click on the menu at and then click on magazines, you'll see a button for the Friend magazine. Once you click on the magazines button, look on the left sidebar for "other issues."  You can choose from all the magazines available on the site, including the current issue. When the page opens for the year and month you've chosen, you have text that shows the contents of the magazine. At the top of the contents list is the large month title. To the right of this title is a choice to either "listen" or to "download." You want to click on download and then choose text. This will download the whole magazine in a pdf file that you can save to your own computer. If you choose individual stories or features from the contents list, you can only download that particular feature, but if you are careful to choose the top button, you will get the whole magazine.

I hope that explanation helps you access the fabulous pdfs from the back issues of the Friend. I love the Friend magazine and truly appreciate the effort the church puts into this great resource for our children. And, I love how it helps me be a better Primary chorister!


Jessica said...

Thank you so much for posting this - I, too, have wondered this very question! I'm glad to see that you are posting a little more frequently. I know there are some other great blogs out there, but I still come here whenever I am stuck and search through your ideas (even though I think I've read all of them at one time or another). I love your teaching style, and am grateful to have found someone who tries to teach the gosepl through music and not just entertain the children (though that is also important!) Thank you so much for all your inspiration and wonderful ideas.

Kathleen said...

Ah, Jessica, you are very kind. I'm glad you find these ideas useful! I'm happy to have them all in one place.

Amy said...

Here's a couple of websites I use. They have a pretty good selection of primary Friend pictures, and they're arranged alphabetically or by subject. I know I found another site once that would also link to the original story or activity, but that was on an old computer so I'm not sure of the address anymore.

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