Friday, June 22, 2012

Choose and Review - “Make a Choice” Scrambled Word Puzzle

This is just a variation on the Scrambled Word. For each song you wish to review, write a statement that begins with “I will” and is either a good choice or a bad choice. For example, “I will repent when I make a mistake” or “I will go to church only when I feel like it.” “I will obey my parents” or “I will cheat only if I need a better grade.” Write these statements on cards with one letter (on the reverse side) from the word joy for the right choices and grief for the wrong choices. You could also use glad and weep, smile and woe, or happy and sad. Choose a review song for each choice card that reinforces the principle.

Post the choice cards randomly on the chalkboard with letters facing out. Invite a child to choose a card and read the statement. Have the children decide if it is a good choice or a bad choice. As the cards are chosen, sing the song and then post the good choice cards on one side of the chalkboard and the bad choices on the other. Explain that the puzzle words describe how we will feel if we make these choices. Unscramble the words.

An alternate plan would be to write the statements on a list (make a coded list with the letters from each word, or use a different list for the different colors) and put the cut-out letters in a bag to draw from. I used two colors as a sorting aid because I have so many little ones in my combined group. But the same color for all the letters will also work quite well, especially for older children. When a child chooses a letter, read a statement from the appropriate list and then have the child place the letter in the appropriate group of letters. Then unscramble the words together.

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