Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Choose and Review - Scrambled Word Puzzle

Scrambled words make a great simple singing time. You can select letters that spell a word from the weekly or monthly theme, or just create a general word that could live in your primary bag or the closet at church to be pulled out in an emergency. Commercial “punch out” letters, designed for bulletin or other display boards, will make things especially easy, but you can do it yourself almost as quickly.

I try to use a word that has at least seven letters and not more than nine or ten, depending on the length of the review songs I’m using. I find that I can easily get through about 8 songs in the twenty minutes allotted for singing time. You’ll have to adjust the length of the word to fit your average time. If I’m using a theme word, I try to review songs that have something to do with the theme. General words will allow me to review any of the songs.

For Choose and Review this month, because we’re singing “Nephi’s Courage,” I decided to use letters from the word courage and I have assigned a review song to each letter. I’ll have the children choose a random letter from the bag and post it on the board and then we’ll sing the review song. At the end of singing time, we’ll unscramble the word and briefly discuss the courageous choices Nephi made.

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