Thursday, December 2, 2010

Song Review - Sing That Phrase

The game “Sing That Phrase” is to one song what “Name That Tune” is to many songs. When I use this game to review a song, I first sing it with the children all the way through one time. Then I invite one of the children to roll the dice. The resulting number matches one of the phrases of the song. The pianist plays that melody phrase (you’ll need to have the pianist mark the music) and the children guess the words that match that melody. Then we sing the phrase together and repeat for as long as the children are willing.

If you keep the dice handy, this is an easy game to pull out if you have a bit of extra time. One note - If you use this idea with songs that have more than one verse, you'll have to keep reminding the kids which verse you are reviewing or they will get confused. I think it really works best with the songs that just have one verse including the chorus. If there are too many phrases that repeat musically, it will really get confusing.

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