Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fun Facts Quiz Puzzle

Choose a picture to match the monthly theme and cut it into 8 pieces. On slips of paper, write several facts about the theme with a word or two left out that the children could supply or an easy quiz type question. Put the missing words or answers to the questions on the back of each puzzle piece along with the title of a review song.

When you are ready to sing, post the puzzle pieces on the board with the answers facing out. Invite a child to choose a slip and read it. Have them find the right answer and turn the puzzle piece with the picture facing out. Sing the song and put the pieces together until the picture is revealed.

These are the questions I’m using with this puzzle to go along with this month’s theme.

1. Find the word that names something we can do to prepare to live with Jesus again.
2. Jesus (taught) us how to live.
3. (Jesus Christ) made it possible for us to be saved from our sins.
4. Jesus Christ came to earth as promised by the (prophets.)
5. Jesus made it possible for us to be (resurrected.)
6. The (Holy Ghost) help us know that Jesus loves us.
7. Name a way that you can offer a gift to Jesus for Christmas.
8. Sharing the (gospel) helps other come unto Jesus Christ.

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Jenny in NC said...

When I first got this calling 2 years ago, I worried that I wouldn't be able to fill the time each week, or that I would run out of ideas.

With a couple years' experience behind me, I realize that just the opposite is true: there are so many fun things to do and songs to learn--there's just not enough time to do all of it!

Your blog shows that. If I used one of your ideas each week, I would have activities enough for a long, long time! Thanks!

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