Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Song Review - "Don't Sing This Word"

This classic review idea comes directly from the Sharing Time Ideas in the May 2004 issue of the Friend magazine (pg.16). Have a child leave the room. Ask the Primary children to choose a word from the song that they will not sing. Write the word on a strip of paper. Bring the child back into the room and have him stand in front of you. Hold the word above his or her head as a reminder to the Primary not to sing this word. Have the children sing the song and let the child guess the missing word. Lots of choristers use this review idea with great success! Some put the wordstrip on a hat or visor, but it’s just as easy to make a paper sign to hold. The children love it.

A warning - you should be prepared for someone to make a mistake. Remind the other children ahead of time to be kind if someone inadvertently sings the word. Children can be easily embarrassed, and sometimes children are NOT kind in what they say.


Tifany said...

I do this often with the fun songs that they already know. I've used seasonal head bands (from the dollar store) as well as hats. The kids really do enjoy it!

Emily said...

For the Senior Primary, I have a small whiteboard that I write the word on and have the guesser hold up - they love it!

Vanilja said...

Thank you for posting this idea! It saved me today and the children got really excited. :)

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