Thursday, October 14, 2010

Song Review - “Follow the Directions”

“Follow the Directions” is a classic way to review a song that you have recently taught or to review several songs on a week with Choose and Review. Simply write direction statements on separate slips of paper, cards, or seasonal shapes. Ask one of the children to choose a card and then have the primary follow the directions for singing the song.

Here are some examples of direction statements. I’m sure you can think of others.
  • Everyone conduct the beat pattern.
  • Clap the rhythm and hum.
  • Clap the beat and sing.
  • Girls sing while the boys clap the rhythm.
  • Boys sing while the girls clap the rhythm.
  • Oldest class and youngest class come to the front and sing.
  • Stand back to back and sing.
  • Everyone use pitch-level conducting.
You can easily put the directions in a can or you could get a little more creative about the delivery. You could use a seasonal basket or some other interesting container. You could roll them onto a flower stem and choose from a bouquet. You could put them into thematic boxes like the sports balls or the valentine hearts. Write them on cards and use fun magnets on the chalkboard. Put them in the pockets of an apron. If you can think of something else, please add your idea in a comment.

If you keep a few slips handy in the closet or your bag, you won’t panic when you are asked to fill extra time. This easy activity also lends itself really well to an emergency situation or to give to a substitute.

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Emily said...

I quickly type up a page numbered 1-6 with the above sugggestions, then have the children roll a die and they do whatever number they land on. So simple, but they love it!

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