Saturday, October 30, 2010

Teaching a New Song

I’ve had a number of you ask for help and ideas to teach new songs. It is time to explain how I approach a new song. The short answer is that I largely use discovery questions when I teach and I posted about this earlier. My system is a little more involved than that post would indicate, however, so I will further explain. Each day this coming week I have scheduled a post to demonstrate what I do. If this topic is what you've been wanting, be sure and check back each day.


Megan said...

Thank you so much for sharing what you've learned through your experience as a Primary chorister. It has been such a blessing to have your blog as a resource!

The Children Sing said...

You are so welcome Megan, I'm happy the blog has been helpful to you.

J and C Fish Family said...

I too am so grateful for the time and effort that you put into this blog. This is the very first place I come when looking for ideas and activities. Thank you so much!

Lyndasue :) said...

Thank you sooooo much for doing this!!! I was called as the Primary chorister a few months ago and I really struggle with how to teach the songs. I've found a lot of other resources online, but yours is the most complete as far as the actual process of planning how to teach the songs. You're my new hero!!
~~Lyndasue :)

Kathleen said...

You are so welcome, Lyndasue! I'm glad this post is helpful. I never thought I would be a hero...;o)

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