Thursday, October 28, 2010

Teaching Method - Exploded Flipchart

An exploded flipchart is essentially a flipchart, just stop before you have it all put together.

Collect a blank sheet of paper for each phrase you want to illustrate. Find a picture or draw an illustration for each phrase. Make a word strip with a key word or word-group for each phrase also. Put thin magnets on the back of each piece. When you are ready teach, post the pieces randomly on the chalkboard. (You could explain that the flipchart exploded in your bag!) Ask the children for their help to put it together again.

Sing the song through once and then phrase by phrase as you put the pieces together and in the right order. Invite the children to sing with you as they are able.

You can use the pieces again for review or make a second flipchart with the pieces securely attached.


: ) Paula said...

I wish I could add music to comments, because this idea is amazing! (Cue Herals Angels singing!), never stop blogging, I use your wonderful ideas all the time. I'm totally using this one for my next song!

Rob and Sara said...

Such a great idea! I get tired of using plain old flip charts for songs. This is a great way to change it up! Thanks!

KordelandHeather said...

I used this idea this month to teach the children "Once within a Lowly Stable." It was wonderful and provided easy uses again for later, we could mix up and have all the pictures and words in the wrong places to put back in order, or sing the song and take away a word or picture. Thanks so much for this idea!

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