Saturday, January 29, 2011

About the Master List

In a recent post, I told about adding a new activity to my master list. Emily left this comment and asks a fair question.  "I love this idea! I'm sure my kids will too. I know you've shared a lot of items from your master list, but have we ever seen the complete list?"

The answer to Emily's question is - "not exactly." I know I've referred a number of times to this list and it is only fair that you should see it. The problem is trying to figure out how best to share it. I could take a picture. I could just type it up. But, in reality, the blog really is the list. I guess I haven't really been very clear on that.

From the beginning, my purpose for this blog has been to create a vehicle to share the list. I wanted to make a resource for my daughter/s, in case they ever have this calling. The list, as a list, really isn't much good without an explanation of the individual activities. And pictures, really are worth a thousand words. Hence, the blog.

With some obvious exceptions, most of my posts have been taken from this master list. I simply choose an activity and write an explanation. I try to take a picture, if possible. I try especially to include ways to adapt the activity to other topics and I do try to think of different situations, because I know my daughter/s will be in different circumstances.

So, if you were to write down the titles of the posts under the three major labels - "reviewing songs," "teaching methods," and "choose and review," you really would have most of the activities on my list. In some cases, I've changed the name of the activity. This is only because the name on my list just doesn't sound good, although it may remind me of what the activity is. "Numbered Sacks" is a good example. On my list, the actual title reads "Pass the Sack" but as I typed that name, it just didn't sound quite right. However, it does give me a good visual when I'm scanning the list to decide what activity to use. LOL.

If you think it would helpful, I'd be happy to share the list, as a list. If I had enough time, I could make it link to other parts of the blog. But, I actually do my blogging at the public library, so I'm not sure how practical that would be, in terms of time. Someday we may be connected to the Internet at home.

I say you would have most of my list because I am actually coming to the end of it. I still have some activities that I haven't posted, but then, frankly, I'm not sure what I'll talk about. When I started this project, my children asked if I had enough to say about Primary music to blog about it. I teased them that I could talk for forever! We'll see. You may have to help.


Mariann Alexander said...

I hope you'll blog forever! Your site is my go to place for fun activites that still invite the spirit in. Thank you for all you do.

Mariann Alexander
Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Kathleen said...

Ah, Mariann, you are too kind -but I do appreciate your encouragement. ;o)

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