Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Riddles for Snowflakes

Here are the riddles on the back of the snowflakes. I should have thought to include them with the original post.  Just use these as examples and write something similar for the songs your primary likes to sing.

I am a two-part song. I remind you to pray everyday and then teach you the 4 steps in saying prayers. What song am I? (I Pray in Faith -CS14)

I teach you to feel glad for the things that Heavenly Father has created. I tell about 5 blessings. What song am I? (The World Is so Lovely -CS233)

I tell you about a special gift and when you sing me even your heart can sing. What song am I? (A Special Gift is Kindness -CS145)

I describe something that you should do when you have to make a choice. What song am I? (Listen, Listen -CS107)

I remind you of something you should remember to do in the morning before you wake and when you go to bed at night. What song am I? (I Love to Pray -CS25)

I tell about some special books and describe three things you should do when you read them. What song am I? (Search, Ponder and Pray -CS109)

When you sing me you will remember Jesus when he was just a little boy. What song am I? (Jesus Once was a Little Child - CS55)

I talk about rocks and rain and sand and men building houses. What song am I? (The Wise Man and the Foolish Man - CS281)

I talk about the words of a prophet. I tell you how to find safety and peace. What song am I? (Keep the Commandments - CS146)

The doors in my song say something special. What song am I? (The Chapel Doors -CS156)

I talk about someone who knows the way. If we want to get to where we should go, we should follow them. What song am I? (Follow the Prophet -CS110)

I tell about a time, long ago, when ancient people crossed the sea to find a promised land. What song am I? (Book of Mormon Stories -CS118)

I tell about a special generation of children who have a special responsibility to do missionary work. They are called an army. What song am I? (We'll Bring the World His Truth -CS172)

I talk about walking and gathering blossoms of blue. These flowers remind me of someone special. What song am I? (I Often Go Walking -CS202)


Enjoy Birth said...

Thanks! These are great. I am excited to make them for when I am out of town.

Sister B. said...

How interesting... I have "trivia cards" that are more like "'We are as the Army of Helamen' and 'we will be the Lord's missionaries to...' do what?" (Bring the World His Truth) or "How many sons of God marched into battle to fight the foe?" (2000 warriors-- verse of BoM Stories)

But I like the way you worded your trivia. I think I'm gonna make either snowflakes or fall leaves or something. This will make a great activity, sub or not. Thank you for so kindly sharing your wisdom and experience!

Kathleen said...

Trivia. I like that idea! I have thought more in terms like "What Song Am I?" -but I guess there would be several ways things could be worded. I'm going to give this more thought. Thanks, Sister B.

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