Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Song Review - Who is Singing?

Thanks to Sofia at sofiasprimaryideas.blogspot.com, I have added great new song review activity to my master list. I'm not sure what Sofia would call it, but I've used the title "Who is Singing?" You can read Sofia's ideas in this post.

I had a little extra review time on a recent Sunday so I tried Sofia's idea of blindfolding a child and challenging them to identify singers. I didn't have a blindfold with me so I just turned a child to face the wall at the front of the room. I then tapped the shoulders of two children who stood up and sang the first verse of the song with me. Then I challenged the first child to identify the children who were singing. Even though we had already sung the song several times already, the children willingly sang again and again as each one in our small group had a chance to listen for who was singing. I think I'll make a cute blindfold and then I will have a music aid to use with this great new review activity. Thank you, thank you, Sofia!

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Emily said...

I love this idea! I'm sure my kids will too.

I know you've shared a lot of items from your master list, but have we ever seen the complete list?

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