Thursday, June 9, 2011

Choose and Review - “Connect Four” Game

Prepare sixteen small pictures that match the theme in some way. Choose an appropriate review song for each picture. Don’t worry -- you won’t use them all! Choose a matching scripture, question, or phrase from one of the songs. Write these on wordstrips and put them in a basket to draw from. Prepare 8-12 colored papers to use as markers.

Draw a 4x4 grid of squares on the chalkboard and randomly place the small pictures inside the squares. One at a time, draw a scripture, question or phrase from the can and make a match to a picture in the grid. Replace the picture with a colored paper marker and sing the song. When four squares are connected, end the game.

This month I could use this game to reinforce the principle that many blessings come to us as members of the church. I would choose sixteen pictures that illustrate these blessings and choose a scripture that matches. For example, the scripture in Alma 9:27 could match a picture of baptism and we could sing “When I Am Baptized.” Exodus 20:12 would go with a picture of parents and we could sing “I Am A Child of God.”

In July I might use this game to help the children review My Gospel Standards and how these standards help us be worthy to go to the temple. I would write each standard on a wordstrip and find a picture and a review song that helps to illustrate the standard.

If I wanted to use the game for a general review, I would simply choose a picture to illustrate each song I wanted to review and write a phrase or keyword from each song on the wordstrips. After drawing a strip, the children would first need to guess which song the phrase comes from and then decide which picture matches the song.

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