Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Choose and Review - “Definitions”

This activity is adapted from the August 2005 (pg.23) and the March 2008 (pg. 15) issues of the Friend magazine. Think of several words that have to do with the monthly theme. Write definitions or descriptions of each word. Write each of the words on a card to post on the chalkboard and then choose an appropriate song to sing for each card. Write the definitions on slips of paper and put these into a bag or can to draw from. Or, be creative in the way that you deliver the descriptions, such as using seasonal items.

Have a child choose a definition, read it and then choose the matching word card. Sing the song.

“Definitions” is a useful activity to examine the meaning of important words; words like faith, repent, and covenant. Discussing the word, then following up with a song that illustrates the concept, is an excellent example of how the Primary Chorister teaches the gospel to children, and how we offer support to Sharing Time. Both of the above links are perfect resources for our theme in June. You can easily choose words and definitions to expand the theme.

I like activities that help define the words we commonly use in gospel teaching because our teaching is centered on morality, with many abstract ideas and questions. It is easy for children to be confused and uncertain about what we really mean. Just think about the concepts we’ve sung about in “Praise to the Man” and “If I Listen With My Heart.” Children don’t often question us or express their confusion. Activities such as “Definitions” compel us to take the necessary time to make sure the children are getting the message.


Emily said...

I love this idea and am adapting my Sunday singing time to include it. I have been trying to focus on making sure I am actually teaching the gospel each week in my lessons. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in teaching a song without teaching the gospel that accompanies the song. I find that Choose and Review days are sometimes the most difficult to make sure that I am teaching the gospel and that the children are feeling the spirit, but this activity is perfect.

Thank you!

Emily said...

Speaking of ways to be creative in delivering slips for drawing, does anyone have any ideas? I have been racking my brain trying to think of a fun way and haven't come up with anything!

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