Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Choose and Review - Pull a Picture

Find a picture that illustrates each song that you wish to review. If I used pictures to illustrate the phrases when I taught the song, I like to choose one of these. Put the pictures in a manilla envelope. One at a time, slowly pull a picture out of the envelope. Ask the children to stand when they think they recognize which song the picture represents. Sing the song and repeat with the other pictures.

If you’ve used a flipchart to teach a song, this activity can also be used to review that song. Just put all the phrase pictures randomly into the envelope and then draw them out, one at a time. When the children recognize the phrase, begin with that phrase and sing to the end of the verse (or chorus).


jodikay1234 said...

I love this idea as an emergency plan for subs! My daughter got sick one Sunday morning and boy was I scrambling to get things together! If only I had this prepared I would of been set! I'll be ready next time for sure! Thank You!!

Anonymous said...

This sounds like the perfect way to review the program songs in a few months. Thanks for all your ideas!
Jenny in NC

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