Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Choose and Review - Missing Word Puzzle

Choose a word from the monthly or weekly theme. Or use a general word that describes what you are thankful for like primary or gospel. Write each letter from the word on a piece of construction paper. Select several songs to review. The number of songs should match the number of letters in your chosen word. On a slip of paper, write a line from each review song, but pick a key word to leave out. Find a picture that matches the missing word. For example, the phrase “I have a family here on ________" would go on a slip of paper and you would find a picture of the earth to illustrate the missing word. Attach the letter papers to the back of the pictures. Put the phrase slips into a can or basket.

When you are ready to sing, randomly post the pictures on the chalkboard. Invite a child to choose a slip, read the line (or read it for them), find the right picture and hold it while you lead the song. Then return the picture to the chalkboard with the letter side facing out. After all the pictures are chosen, challenge all the children to unscramble the word.

If you are clever, you noticed that my picture shows words on the back of the pictures instead of letters. I wanted to use this “Missing Word Puzzle” for a program review in October and couldn't think of a word with as many letters as I have songs to review, so I am using the words from the scripture for October instead.

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