Saturday, September 18, 2010

Leaf Puppets for “It’s Autumntime”

I made these puppets last year to use with the song “It’s Autumntime” and the kids loved swirling them around in the air while we sang. Even our big kids participated willingly. I used silk leaves so that they would be sturdy and look good. I used a yarn needle to pull a length of yarn through the leaf near the stem. I tied a knot at the end of the yarn, underneath the leaf. I tied a small bead on the other end of the yarn for the kids to hold onto. I made enough for everyone in Primary to have one to use. I demonstrated to the kids how to swirl and swish the leaf puppet and then had them spread out around the room to sing. I’m anxious to bring them again this year when the leaves begin to change.

One problem with these puppets is that the strings will tangle when they are together. Before I pass them out, I wrap each string into a coil around my fingers and tuck it up close to the leaf and then place it in a flat basket. This makes it easier for the kids to pick them up. After primary is finished I take the time to wrap the coils again before I put them into the bag to store. Believe me, it pays off the next time I want to use them.

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Paula said...

Love this! In the past, we have just tossed up silk leaves and let them fall, which could get a little bit crazy. This looks so much better!

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