Saturday, September 11, 2010

Just for Fun - Mystery Word

When the songs you are reviewing for singing time have a common word, like “Savior” or “follow” in several of our program songs, you can have a little extra fun by playing Mystery Word with the children. Write the word on a piece of paper and post it in the corner of the chalkboard. Challenge the children to listen carefully during singing time to see if they can detect a word that is the same in all of the songs. Then just continue with your plans. At the end of singing time, help the children discover the word and testify of the principle involved.

"Follow the Prophet," "Come Follow Me," "The Church of Jesus Christ," "I'm Trying to be Like Jesus," and "I Know That My Savior Loves Me," all have the word follow. The kids had a hard time until the end when I threw in "Do As I'm Doing" and then they guessed it. Once the kids know the game they love it and you would be surprised how many of our songs have these common words. Try it!


Sister B. said...

Thank you for this wonderful idea! I was caught off-guard this last week and found myself in desperate need for a simple prep but good review of certain program songs activity and vois-la! I wanted you to know how grateful I am, so thank you for really helping me out this week! You are very talented and creative! My primary kids ALL loved it by the way. The only thing I did different was to make "mystery music cards" with the name of one of the songs on the back and chose a child to pick one. I did save the treble clef card for last (Do As I'm Doing) to be sure they figured out our important mystery word and the spirit was very strong when we were discussing why it was important. Thank you!

The Children Sing said...

Well, thanks for your sweet compliment, but you all should know that it really isn't talent and creativity so much as it is knowing how to write a good idea down, maybe how to tweak it a little just like you did and then keeping it on a list so that I can do it again some time. I've gotten lots of good ideas from many people over many many years. There is no telling where this one might have come from.

Jana said...

I tried this last week with the primary children in my ward and it was a HIT! They really enjoyed it...especially the Senior Primary. With them I made a box that said "Mystery Word" on it and little pieces of paper that said "the mystery word is:" on them that I handed out before we started each sequence of words. After we were done they had to write what word they thought it was and then we tallied them on the board and I would tell them what the Mystery Word was. Wonderful idea. Thanks so much. I love all of your ideas!

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