Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tutorial - "Title Toss" for Program Songs

I wanted to do a “Title Toss” to review all of our program songs, but I didn’t want the poster to look like my other one. So I decided to do it by hand and in color. I thought I would take pictures in case anyone is interested in the process. After my daughter saw the finished poster she commented that it was a little weird that we were singing "Hinges" and "Once There Was a Snowman" in the program. I just laughed and assured her that those were rest songs, not intended for the program! BTW, the "wild" spot is useful as a favorite song spot, or to repeat a song that you want to sing again. Yes, I know it shows a LOT of songs. I was presented with the program list a couple of weeks ago, and am kind of scrambling to have them all ready before November. We are singing more than we are talking this year. I think the kids will enjoy it. We'll just do the best we can.

These are the materials I used for the poster: song titles printed in different fonts, poster paper, scissors, pencil, eraser, markers and colored pencils or crayons.

I wanted the song titles to look different from each other on the poster, so I used the computer to print out titles in different fonts. I cut the titles out and arranged them on the poster paper.

I used an ordinary pencil to scribble on the back of the title, laying down a nice layer of graphite. Don't scribble with the paper on the poster or you'll accidently transfer some of the computer ink onto the poster. Do this step off to one side.

Then I turned the paper over and made sure it was in the right spot. I lightly traced over the title so that I could see a graphite impression on the poster paper. My mother taught me this handy transferring trick.

I used a colored marker to trace over the graphite impression.

I drew small freehand illustrations for some of the song titles with a pencil and then traced over the pencil lines with a marker. If you hate the way you draw, you could copy and trace clipart images the same way you did the song titles.

Once the marker ink was dry, I erased all the extra pencil marks.

I used colored pencils to put a little color shading on the illustrations.

I can use the song title poster on the floor and have a child toss a beanbag to choose the song. On another week I could hang it with magnets on the chalkboard and play “pin the note on the song.” The poster will be useful next year as well, so that the kids won’t forget this year’s program songs.


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That is BRILLIANT! I am going to use it often for the remainder of the year since we will be brushing up on "forgotten" primary songs. Thanks for the tips!

Elizabeth-W said...

Hi--I found your blog via Sophia's. I have loved looking through all your work, and emailed the rest of our Primary Presidency and chorister, and the Stake Primary music leader a link to your blog. What a fabulous resource! Thank you so much for all your wonderful ideas, and your willingness to share your talents.

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