Thursday, April 14, 2011

Choose and Review - Memory Game

The Memory Game is another classic game for singing time. You've probably seen it and perhaps even played it when you were in primary years ago. This game has been around a loooong time. It is based on a very old TV game show called Concentration. One advantage to the Memory Game is that the children have to pay attention the whole time in order to remember where the pictures are.

Prepare a set of 16 pictures, with sets of two pictures that make a match. Write a number on the back side of each picture. Choose a review song for each set of matching pictures. Post the pictures, number side out, on the chalkboard.You can place the pictures into a neatly squared grid, or you can just post them randomly on the chalkboard. Invite the children to call out two numbers at a time and turn the pictures over. If the pictures match, remove them from the board and sing the song. If the pictures don’t match, turn them face in again and call on another child. As the game progresses, with more pictures being removed from the board, it becomes easier to remember where the pictures are.

To make the game even easier for the younger children, I write a number on one picture and a letter on the matching picture. On a turn, the children would call out a number and a letter. This helps them to make matches a little quicker and speeds the game so that we can get to all of the songs.

For this month, I’ve prepared eight pictures which illustrate actions that Jesus did that he wishes us to do also. These pictures are matched to eight pictures of children today who are following the example that Jesus set. I’m planning to use the poem “I Will Follow Jesus Christ,” by Elizabeth Giles (the Friend, May 1999, pg. 24) as an attention getter for this singing time activity.

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