Thursday, April 21, 2011

Choose and Review - “Who’s Who”

"Who's Who" is a simple matching game for Choose and Review weeks. Choose several people from the scriptures or church history. Find a picture for each of these or make a small poster with their name. Assign a song to each picture or poster. Write a statement describing who the person was or is or what they are known for. For example, a statement describing Oliver Cowdery would read “He was a schoolteacher who felt inspired to investigate the claims of Joseph Smith. After gaining a testimony of the gospel message, he stayed to help Joseph as a scribe in the translation of the Book of Mormon.”

Assign an action or way to sing for each statement, (whisper sing, boys/girls sing, sing with actions, stand to sing, etc.) if you wish. Put these statements in a bag or basket to choose from. When it is time to sing, invite a child to draw a statement from the bag and challenge them to match it to a person. Then sing the song.

A ready example of this game is found on page 26 of the August 2005 issue of the Friend magazine. This example uses individuals from Church history and would match the upcoming theme for May. A second example is on page 26 of the May 2008 issue of the Friend. This example uses women who were mothers in the scriptures. This one might be fun to do near Mother’s Day.

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