Thursday, April 7, 2011

Choose and Review - “Remembering Jesus”

This singing time is adapted from the sharing time ideas in the March 2005 issue of the Friend magazine. Select several pictures from the GAK that illustrate familiar stories from the life of Jesus. Choose review songs that match these stories. When it is time to sing, post the pictures on the chalkboard. Remind the children that when we take the sacrament, we promise to “always” remember Jesus. We can do this by thinking of stories we know about Jesus. Sing “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus”(CS-57).

Invite a child to choose a picture and briefly remind the rest of the children of the story. Sing the song with each picture. Finally, sing “To Think About Jesus”(CS-71). Remind the children of the promise in the sacrament prayer. “And if ye do always remember me, ye shall have my Spirit to be with you.” (3 Ne 18:7)

There is also a lovely poem called “The Sacrament,” by Leslie Neilson on page 16 of the February 2010 issue of the Friend. The poem would make a wonderful attention getter for this singing time. Ask the children to listen to the poem to discover what singing time will be about.

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