Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Choose and Review - Picture Puzzles

Picture puzzles are another classic way to have the children choose songs for singing time. Just find an appropriate picture and cut it into sections. Put the title to a review song on the back of each piece. Put the pieces into a bag and invite the children to choose them one at a time. Sing the songs on the back of the puzzle pieces and put the puzzle together one piece at a time.

In addition to the title of the song, other things could go on the puzzle piece to add variety and interest to the activity. Quiz questions, case studies, scriptures, riddles, etc. could help reinforce the principle taught in the monthly theme.

For a Choose and Review week in April, I’ve used a picture of Jesus and cut it into eight squares. I’ve written scriptures on each piece. As the pieces are chosen, we’ll read the scripture and briefly discuss that aspect of Jesus and his mission.

Abr 3:27 - Chosen as Savior - “I Lived in Heaven.”
Jacob 4:9 - Creator - “I Feel My Savior’s Love.”
John 20:31 - Son of God - “He Sent His Son.”
3 Ne 27:21 - Example - “Tell Me The Stories of Jesus.”
Alma 34:8 - Atoned for our sins - “To Think About Jesus.”
John 15:26 - Gave the Holy Ghost - “The Holy Ghost.”
D&C 110:8 - Directs the Church - “The Church of Jesus Christ.”
John 11:25 - We can be Resurrected - “When He Comes Again.”


Emily said...

I love this idea and am planning on using it on Easter Sunday. Thanks for sharing your examples!

Jenny in NC said...

I haven't done this activity in a long time, but I'm remembering how much the children love it. Just goes to show that the simplest activities are often the best!

Main Bill said...

Most of us at some time in our life have enjoyed solving a Picture Puzzle. Whether as a child to help us learn about our world, as an adult to bring the family together, or as a senior citizen enjoying the challenge of exercising the brain from the luxury of your own armchair.
Picture Puzzles

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