Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Choose and Review - “Password” Game

From each song that you wish to review, choose a keyword that will identify the song to the children. Write these words on colorful cards to post, face-in, on the chalkboard. Invite a child to choose a card. They will need to give the rest of the primary either a synonym or another word associated with the secret word as a clue. Be prepared to help with clues by using the dictionary and the thesaurus to find synonyms for the keywords you have chosen. Also use other words from the song as clues to the secret word.You can even write these on another small card, or on the bottom of the large word card. Tell the primary to think of songs that we know and then think of words in the songs that might match the clues given. If the child finds the word too difficult, they can ask for your help. When the word is guessed, sing the song from which the word originates.

Set a time limit for guessing and then give more obvious clues. The first time you play this game be prepared to help whisper clues. The older kids will catch on, but may still need lots of help.The younger kids will almost always need help.

These are examples of keywords and clues: repent=sorry, change, remorse, shame, confess (Repentance -CS-98) popcorn=white, fluffy, yummy, apricot, blossoms (Popcorn Popping -CS-242) valiant=courageous, bold, servants, determined, latter-days (I Will Be Valiant -CS-162) stand=upright, firm, fixed, immovable, true, not sit (Stand for the Right - CS-159) faith=belief, seed, knowing, grow (Faith -CS96) foolish=folly, silly, thoughtless, rock, sand, not wise (The Wise Man...CS-281) family=kindred, relations, household, forever, eternity (Families Can Be...CS-188) Jesus=Savior, Lord, perfect, died (Tell Me the Stories...CS-57) reverent=worship, quiet, awe, humble, bow (Reverently, Quietly -CS-26) covenant=promise, pledge, binding, obey, temple (I Love to See the Temple -CS-95)

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Jessica said...

What a fun idea! Another variation (might work well for junior primary) could be to have them guess the actual song title by listening to you say key words that are in the song. Thank you for another great idea!

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