Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Choose and Review - Name That Tune

“Name That Tune” is a classic singing time activity. Primaries all over the world have surely played the game by listening to the pianist play a portion of a review song and then guessing the name of the song. The children then sing it together.

There are so many variations to “Name That Tune.” I’ve written already about a few on my list. (see Name That Tune - by humming, Name That Tune - by rhythm, Name That Tune - numbered cubes, and Name that Word) Here are three more.

  • I sometimes just write one line from anywhere in several review songs on a strip of paper and put these in a can or basket to choose from. The children draw the strips out and read it to the other children. I accept only first lines or titles for answers and then we sing the song.

  • Similar to the number cubes, I also use a spinner with numbers from 2-6 on it. The pianist plays that many notes of a song on my review list and the children guess the name of the song. It can be more challenging when the pianist plays the notes from the anywhere in the song.

  • Finally, I sometimes have the pianist play the song backwards by playing the last measure first, then the second to last, then the third from the last. The children try to guess the song a measure at a time.

Thank you so much for your comments on the question I posted most recently. What a lovely community we have. I appreciate all of you!

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