Thursday, April 29, 2010

Name That Tune -By Rhythm

This musical game gives the children an opportunity to remember the rhythms of Primary songs that they know. Use a percussive rhythm instrument like sticks or wood blocks. A tone block with a wooden striker makes a clear sound. Whatever you use should make a sound loud enough that the children can hear it well.

Start by tapping the rhythm of a familiar song and ask the children if they recognize the song. This might be harder than you think because many Primary songs have similar rhythms. The kids will have to concentrate, and might just guess. Help them out if they need it. After they guess the correct song, invite them to sing it with you. After a few examples, give the children a chance to come up and tap out a song. The point of this game is not just to provide another way to choose review songs, although it does do that, but rather to help the children pay attention to and remember the rhythm of the songs. If the song you are teaching has many different rhythms in the phrases, you can also use this game to help review. Tap out the rhythm of a phrase and ask the children to guess which phrase. Have the children sing the phrase.

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Rachel said...

Just found your blog this morning! THANK YOU for sharing your thoughts and ideas. I am a Stake Primary Chorister from West Jordan, UT, and I LOVE to pass along great ideas to the Ward Choristers in my stake. And this post was perfect... i was just thinking about a similar game I remember from when I was a child in primary many years ago! I appreciate you. Keep the posts coming!

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