Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Smiley Beanbag

This is my smiley beanbag. I have lots of beanbags (see this post) and some are made for specific choose and review activities, but this is just a generic beanbag. There are a number of ways I use a beanbag.

"Pass the Melody" is a musical game that you can play with a beanbag. I think it is best played with a smaller group, so it works pretty well in a small primary. Or, it works in a class. There may be some time to fill while waiting for a substitute teacher to arrive! Gather into a circle and start off singing a song. After a few words, pass the beanbag and the song off to the person beside you. That person sings and then passes the song and the beanbag to the next person. On around the circle it goes until the song is finished. Repeat the song so that everyone has a turn. Emphasize to the children to keep the transitions as smooth as possible. Use familiar songs until everyone is well acquainted with how to play. Then the game could be used to review a new song. Remember that young children often don't have a singing voice yet, so they can just pass the beanbag along if they don't wish to sing.

I often pass a beanbag up and down the row while we sing a song. At the end of a verse or when the piano stops, I can ask a question of the one who is holding the beanbag, or invite them to share their thoughts about something or other. I could ask them to answer a question or tell something they can do to get ready for family night, get ready for church, help a neighbor, etc. Then sing another appropriate song and pass the beanbag again.

Sometimes I will pass more than one beanbag so that more children can participate. I may also have to be prepared for the kids to manipulate who gets the beanbags. I have used a beanbag to play a "hit the target" kind of game for choosing songs. I can use the beanbag with pictures and an assigned song. The kids toss the beanbag to choose one of the pictures.

Matilda recently had a post about beanbags. I really don't think Primary could function without beanbags. Does anyone else use them for singing time?


Susan said...

I've used them for the "hit the target" game...one I found at a Zucher's store. But passing the beanbag is a fun idea. I did that with a stuffed heart on Valentine's Day, and they loved it. I Think I'll pull out the bean bags and use them more often!

Ethan Mower said...

Is this an old thing? I believe I remember this vaguely.

The Children Sing said...

Ethan, this beanbag is new since you were a child, you must be remembering a different one. We've had lots and lots of beanbags. :O)

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