Thursday, April 15, 2010

Puppets for "In The Leafy Treetops"

These little puppets have been in my primary music box for ages. I made them years ago to use with the song "In The Leafy Treetops" (CS-240) and I am so anxious for spring! The bird puppet is used by putting the thumb and forefinger through the holes to make a beak. You can then move your fingers to make the bird "sing." The flower shape is simply taped to a green chenille stem and, as you gently move it back and forth, the flower "nods."

These would be fun to put into the surprise sack to pull out when the kids are ready for a rest song. It would be pretty easy to make enough of these for most of the littlest children to use. Puppets are such a fabulous music aid. Children just love them and they will always pay attention when you bring a puppet out.


PerryParty3 said...

You have some amazing and fun ideas! I love how simple most of them are as well. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and experience!!

Mary said...

I did make your cute puppets for "In the Leafy Tree Tops and I used them on Mother's Day. They were a huge hit. The kids loved them. They were so simple but so cute.

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