Friday, April 16, 2010

Song Review - "Crazy Singing Scramble" - A Link

Bridgette has a cute idea for a song review and I wanted to share it. Go to The Ordinary Adventures of a Primary Chorister to read about "Crazy Singing Scramble." I think if I take it slowly at first, it could be really fun. Once the kids are familiar with the game I can use it to review any of our songs. As long as the song has a fairly limited number of phrases. :o) If it gets too complicated I know I will start goofing up and look really idiotic. The pianist may have a bit of a hard time too, so they should be forewarned. They should mark their music and generally get used to the idea!

I like new ideas for reviewing songs, since we have to do so much of it. This one will go on my list. I certainly appreciate all of you who blog and share such great ideas. Thanks Bridgette.

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