Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Singing Time Puzzle - Scrambled Phrase

I like to use puzzles for singing time review because it involves thinking on the part of the children and keeps them at it for the whole time. Everyone who wants to can participate at the same time. Obviously some puzzles involve more thinking than others and some are more suited to Jr. or Sr. Primary. The very easiest kind of puzzle to prepare for singing time is a scrambled phrase puzzle.

Choose a phrase that states an eternal gospel principle, a scripture phrase, or a phrase related to the monthly theme. The picture illustrates a phrase related to the theme for April. Write each word on a card large enough to be viewed by the group. Assign an appropriate review song for each card.

Put all the cards into a bag and have the children draw them out one at a time. Post the card on the board and sing the song. When all the cards are posted, invite the children to unscramble the phrase. Take a minute to testify of the principle and help the children find the application.

Depending on how familiar the phrase is, the children will solve it before you're finished. Be prepared to praise the ones who figure it out, but encourage them not to solve it out loud before others have a chance to figure it out on their own. If your group is combined, as mine is, this will take some self-discipline and cooperation on the part of the older kids. You might try two different phrases with the cards in different colors and paper-clipped together so they are drawn out at the same time. This way, the olders and youngers can solve each puzzle at the same time.

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