Friday, April 23, 2010

A Random Tip - Magnets

I love these little magnets. They are very thin and won't hold much more than a piece of paper, but that's just what I need them for. I have lots of little pieces of paper that I want to post -- word strips, pictures, cut-outs. I just stick these small, thin magnets on the back and away I go.

I'll never forget the day I discovered that the chalkboards at the church were magnetic! I was accustomed to using the flannel board for almost everything. I still like the flannel board. It's small and portable. It feels good and you can get up close. But the "pieces" are so much easier to prepare with magnets that I now use the chalkboard like a flannel board. There is so much room to spread out and the magnets usually stick better.

I buy these at a teacher's store. They are very thin and come in a package of 100 for $4.00. Four cents apiece. I'm not endorsing any particular brand. I'm just here to tell you that magnets make my life easier.

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