Friday, April 2, 2010

A Suggestion - Singing Time File

May I offer a random suggestion? I'm sure you all write down what you are going to do each week, if only to give the pianist some idea of how to prepare. I would like to suggest that you keep these notes in a file, and that you keep the file long after you are released.

Many years ago, during one of my terms as Primary chorister, when the singing time seemed to work well, I would stick that weekly planning sheet into a file folder. Over the years, as I've been called to do singing time, whenever I was stuck for an idea I would pull out this file and thumb through it. I've taught "He Sent His Son" several times now, always referring back to the notes of how I taught it the first time, because it seemed to work so well. I just wish I had been more faithful to keep the ideas that I have done in the past. I honestly thought I would remember them.

Fun, new ideas are fabulous and we work really hard to either think of them or to find them. And sometimes it is a real experiment to implement them into a singing time. I think it is important to save these ideas -- the ones that really worked and that we enjoyed doing. Believe me, they will work again sometime down the road --maybe even sooner than you think. Children like doing the same thing again, especially if it was fun the first time!

I'm old-fashioned. I use a pencil, paper, and a real manila file folder. You may have a more modern way of doing this. One reason I created this blog is to make this "file" accessible to my daughters who might be the Primary chorister at some point. Just do it. Someday, you will be glad you did. And others may be also.

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