Thursday, March 24, 2011

Name That Tune - by Humming

Make a list of songs you want to review. Tell the children that you are going to play a musical guessing game. Explain that you will begin humming a song and when they recognize the song, they should stand and join you in humming. When a fair number of children are standing, ask one of them to name the song. Invite this child to use the music baton to lead the rest of the primary in singing the song. I have a bee “fancy” that I like to add to the baton with this activity. You could also use a bee puppet to lead. Or, use the bee and bird animal shapes to indicate when to sing and when to hum during the song.

This activity works well with songs that have not been sung for awhile. It also works great if you just want to review one of the new songs before moving into a different planned singing time activity.


Erin said...

I just stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and have used it every week since! Thanks so much for your yard work and sharing your ideas with us. I am in Albuquerque and it is fun to see the singing time blog of another new mexican!

Jenny in NC said...

I bought a bee puppet at the dollar store last week, even though I wasn't sure what I was going to do with I know!

Blogful said...

I just wanted to thank you for your great ideas. Today in singing time we played humming-name-that-tune. I spray painted a wooden dowel yellow and then wrapped black electrical tape to make stripes like a bee. They LOVED it. It was a bitter sweet time. I've been given a new calling. They haven't announced it yet, so I may get to be chorister one more Sunday. Just wanted to let you know that although I've never commented before, I regularly read and get inspired with your blog and I appreciate the effort and love you put into your calling. Thanks for making mine easier, more fun, and more filled with the Spirit of Christ.
Cari from Orlando

Kathleen said...

Welcome Erin! I'm glad you found me. I am in the East Stake so perhaps we'll run into each other sometime. :o)

A bee puppet would be so cute Jenny, I have one as well and use it occasionally as well.

Cari - what a clever trick to make a bee baton! How sad that you won't get to use it again, at least anytime soon, but good luck in your new calling. I'm so glad I was of some help to you. I'm sure that your creativity will always come in handy.

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