Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Song Review - Everyone Can w/ Case Studies

Case studies and the "Everyone Can" work perfectly to review a song like "Stand For the Right.” Case studies help the kids see how to live the principles that we sing about in our primary songs. The situation, along with a question such as “What can you do to be true to the prophet’s teaching?” or, “What should you do to follow the prophet?” go into the can to draw from. After a child draws the case study, but before he gives an answer, sing “At work or at play, in darkness or light, Be true, be true and stand for the right.” If there is time, after the child answers the question, sing an additional review song to reinforce the principle taught by the case study. Depending on how long it takes to discuss the situation with the children, there may not be time to sing the additional song. So, judge the time and sing the extra songs as you can fit them in. I don't necessarily sing with each case study. In the bottom of the can, put smiley face stickers to give to each child to remind them that “everyone can” stand for the right. (Give the strips to the teachers to pass out.)

Here are examples of case studies and songs that we might sing. You should re-write and adapt them to your primary.

Your mom asked you to come straight home after school, but your friend has the neatest new computer game he wants you to see. It will only take a minute to show you. What can you do to stand for the right? “Quickly, I’ll Obey” (CS-197)

Your dad wants you to be finished with your homework before family night. You got distracted playing with the dog and now everyone else is eager for FHE. You could tell your dad that you are finished or admit that you are not ready. What can you do to be true? “Choose The Right Way” (CS-160)

Your best friend came over to play and your little sister wants to play with the two of you. She sometimes gets in your way and you would rather play with your friend alone. What should you do to stand for the right? “Kindness Begins With Me” (CS-145)

Some of the older boys at school like to call people names. This makes you feel sad and kind of angry and you feel like calling them names too, just so that they know how it feels. What can you do to stand for the right? “Smiles” (CS-267)

You are trying to do your homework and your little brother wants you to play a game with him. He keeps bugging you and you keep telling him to go away. What should you do to be true? “Love One Another” (CS-136)

Your very favorite top is becoming too small. Every time you lift your arms your stomach shows, but just a bit. You want to keep wearing it. It’s your favorite! What can you do be true? “I Will Be Valiant” (CS-162)

You stopped at the playground on your way home from school and accidentally tore your pants on the slide. You know your mom will be upset about the pants. You could just change them and put them in the laundry bin. What should you do to stand for the right? “Listen, Listen” (CS-107)

Your mom asked you and your brother to clean up the toys in the living room. You were tossing them back and forth to each other and accidentally hit the lampshade. Now there is a little tear that your mom probably won’t notice for a long time. What should you do to stand for the right? “I Want to Live the Gospel” (CS-148)

You are playing ball in the backyard and hit a home run for sure. The ball hits the window in the neighbor’s garage and now there is a small crack in the window. You resolve to be more careful. What should you do to be true? “Nephi’s Courage” (CS-120)

Your lesson in primary was all about being kind, but one of the primary kids keeps pestering you and you just want him to leave you alone. Besides, you are trying to listen. What can you do stand for the right? “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus” (CS-78)

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