Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Song Review - "Five Smooth Stones"

“Stand for the Right” is such a straightforward song to teach and most of our children know the song already. So, all this month I can have fun with review activities that focus on prophets and following their counsel and direction.

The theme of following the prophet has come up so many times over the years. I have quite a number of things in my music box that match this theme. I’ve decided to post the ones that I actually have things prepared for. So, please don’t wonder how I’m able to do all of this in a month of four Sundays. I’m not actually using all of them this month, just passing the ideas on, so that you could add them to your list, if you wish. The yearly theme for 2001 was all about prophets. So, if you check the Sharing Time pages in the back issues of the Friend magazine for the year 2001, you'll find lots of great suggestions for activities that can be adapted to singing time.

In the September 2006 issue of the Friend magazine there is a wonderful sharing time feature titled "Comfort and Courage from the Scriptures." The article is based on a message from President Monson in which he refers to the story of David and Goliath. President Monson uses David's five smooth stones as metaphors for defeating the challenges in our lives. He talks of the stones of courage, effort, humility, prayer, and duty.

So this first week, I'm putting these five stones into a bag to pass as a way to review "Stand for the Right." I'll ask the pianist to stop randomly and the child holding the bag will draw out a stone and name a way they can use the principle on the stone to meet a challenge. I'll have some challenges in mind, just in case the child needs help. For instance, I could ask the child "How can prayer help you in school?" Or, "What can you do at home to fulfill your duty?" The stone can go back in the bag and we'll keep singing for as long as there is interest in the activity.


Tifany said...

Great idea! My youngest daughter's favorite scripture story is the David/Goliath story. Thanks for passing on this idea!

Marilyn said...

Thank you for this great idea. I look forward to more as we go. I have just been call as music leader.

Lindsay said...

You are so amazing...thank you for sharing your fun ideas!

Jen said...

You are so amazing!! I am a new music leader, never had the calling before and I love the things I am learning from you!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas!!! I feel like I've attended a music workshop every time I read your blog , thank you so much!!

Kathleen said...

Such kind comments, thank you all for your encouragement!

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