Thursday, March 10, 2011

Choose and Review - Finding "Peace"

This idea comes directly from the Sharing Time ideas on page 36 of the May 2001 issue of the Friend magazine.

I’ve prepared 5 cutout letters that spell “peace.” The letters are hidden in the primary room. Give directions to find each letter, such as “go directly to the piano bench and look under the lid.”  Choose review songs that teach a way to follow the prophet and that match the letters in the word. For instance, PRAY - “I Pray in Faith” CS-14. EAT healthy food - “For Health and Strength” CS -21. “ATTEND church - “The Church of Jesus Christ” CS -77. “CHOOSE the right “Choose the Right Way CS -160. Be an EXAMPLE - “I Will be Valiant” CS -162.

Invite a child to follow the directions to find a letter and post it on the chalkboard. Challenge the children to listen to the words of the song on the letter to discover how to follow the prophet. When we are obedient to the principles of the gospel and follow the direction of the prophet, we will find peace. Because there are only five songs, ask the children to think of other ways we can follow the prophet and sing songs that reinforce these principles. End by singing “Keep the Commandments.” (CS-146)


Paula -- CutieFruity said...

Thanks for the great idea. I was a little stuck because they did so well learning the song last week. I changed it up by doing "stand for the right" for the second E, and I"ll have the sr primary search for the clues using scripture clues, and the junior will have them under their chairs (only one row will look at a time). The scriptures that I'll use will have words in them of places around the room, words like door, window, prophet, font, etc.

Kathleen said...

Paula, how clever to use clue words in scriptures. I'm going to think about that. Thanks for sharing that great idea!

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