Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Choose and Review - "Follow the Prophet"

Find eight or nine pictures of children from magazines (or use the cut-outs of children from the visual aids kit) and write the titles of primary songs that teach the principles that prophets have asked us to do on each of the pictures. Try to think of the ones most likely to be named by the children in your primary.

Introduce singing time by asking the children to name some things that prophets have asked us to do (pray, serve others, have FHE, be a friend, read the scriptures, keep the Sabbath day holy, be kinder, be modest, be clean and virtuous, be honest, etc.) List these things on the chalkboard. Post the pictures of the children on the edges of the chalkboard and explain that the pictures on the board represent children, all over the church, who are also following the prophet. Ask a child to choose a cut-out and help you lead the song on the back. Discuss with the children what the song says this child is doing to follow the prophet and see if it matches any of the things they may also doing. Place the cut-out on whichever teaching it matches. If there is time, ask the children to further identify a way that they can live that principle. Repeat with the other songs.

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