Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Choose and Review - "Titles and Tricks"

I’ve gathered several “blossoms of blue” for a Mother’s Day choose and review. Some flowers have titles of review songs with the phrase “Help me lead         ." I'm wanting to review the four songs we've learned so far, plus the first part of "Praise to the Man." Attached to other flowers are tricks such as “make your funniest face!” or “name a prophet.” I’ll scatter the flowers around the primary room and invite the children to gather them into a bouquet. I've tried to include several tricks because the children love to get these. After we sing, "I Often Go Walking," we’ll sing the other songs as directed. If a trick is chosen, the child does the trick and a different child is chosen to gather another flower.

This activity is on my master list, under "Titles and Tricks." The activity is similar to and actually adapted from “Follow the Directions” which reviews just one song. You could put the titles and tricks on any seasonal die-cut shape and post them on the board. You could put together a mixed bouquet of flowers for springtime and choose them out of a vase. You could gather up items to pack a missionary’s suitcase. You could tie the instructions to firecrackers or flags for the Fourth of July, snowflakes for the winter season, blue ribbons from the county fair, or put them in a plastic pumpkin and do “trick or treat” at Halloween.

These are the tricks I'm using this week:

  • "swim" back to your seat
  • rub your belly and pat your head
  • say an article of faith
  • mime one of your chores at home
  • name a prophet
  • make your scariest face
  • tell us your favorite food
  • sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" while we sing "When We're Helping."


aly said...

I am new to leading the jr. primary- thank you so much for your fabulous ideas!

Kathleen said...

Aly, you are going to love the calling. The juniors can be a challenge, but they are so much fun to sing with!

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