Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Choose and Review - Picture Puzzle

A picture puzzle makes an easy singing time using a phrase from the theme or an appropriate scripture. A great example is found in the Funstuff feature on page 13 of the March 2009 issue of the Friend.

Choose a short phrase (or a word) that matches the theme. Choose several pictures that correspond to the phrase. If, for instance, the phrase were “Come unto Christ and be perfected in Him.” I would need eight pictures that show ways we come unto Christ, such as praying, service, baptism, scriptures, temple worship, testimony, attending church, and singing. Next choose a scripture that matches each picture and write these scriptures on slips of paper. Place them randomly in the scriptures so that the strips can be pulled out. Write each word in the phrase on a small card or paper and attach to the bottom of each picture. Choose an appropriate review song to sing with each picture. You should have as many pictures as you have time to sing songs. If the words in your phrase are more than you have time to sing, just double up on the words that you attach to each picture.

Post the pictures randomly on the chalkboard. Invite a child to choose a scripture slip and read it. Ask all the children to study the pictures to find which one matches the scripture. Place the picture on the chalkboard tray and sing the song. After all the pictures are chosen, invite the children to unscramble the phrase.

As the picture illustrates, to teach the theme on the fourth week in May, I could use the phrase “The power of the priesthood blesses our lives.” I could choose scriptures and pictures that would help the children understand this principle. Healing the sick (James 5:14 -“Faith”), passing the sacrament (3 Ne. 18:7 -“To Think About Jesus”), counseling with the bishop (D&C 107:74 -“Our Bishop”), a father’s blessing (3 Ne. 18:21 -“Fathers”), home teachers (D&C 20:53 -“I Will Be Valiant”) , missionary service (D&C 84:63 -“Called to Serve”), temple sealing (D&C 132:19 -“I Love to See the Temple”), and service projects (D&C 121:45 -“Love One Another”) are examples of pictures and songs that help illustrate the effect of priesthood in our lives.

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