Monday, February 1, 2010

Polishing a Song - A Glove

Using a glove can help the children focus on your hand as you lead them in singing. I use the glove most often when I am reviewing a song and polishing it with dynamics and precise singing. You may want (or have already) a fancier glove, this one is really plain. I think too fancy though might just be distracting.

After the children know a song well, I use the glove to teach simple dynamics directions such as raising my hand with the palm up for increasing the volume and lowering my hand with the palm down for softer singing. I teach the children about holding a note (fermata) and to watch my hand for a cut-off cue. I also teach them about watching for a cue to stand up, and about how to begin after an upbeat. After the children have been trained in these kinds of musical cues, they are ready for a turn with the glove. If I keep the glove nearby, I can pull it out to use with any of our songs during singing time.

Sometimes I'll have the kids use the glove in a choose and review activity. Songs are assigned to pictures that are posted around the room. Begin by singing a song with the children. Invite a child to determine the gospel message and point to a picture that matches the message. This picture is keyed to the next song and so on. The songs can be random or related to each other by theme. It can also be set up as a kind of mini treasure hunt, but in one room using pictures.

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