Friday, February 12, 2010

The Best Calling

Early this morning I lay awake thinking about why I love being the Primary chorister. It is complicated and I think maybe my feelings recollect memories and affinities that were formed very early in my life. I have always loved music. My mother eternally had music playing in our home --beautiful, rapturous music, like Rachmaninoff, that just made your soul soar. She is highly creative and I could grasp, even at an early age, that the pretty things around me were the result of her hands. The dresses I wore, the painted kitchen cupboards, the drapes in the living room, the little ornaments arranged on the lamp table, all these came from a very deep artistic spring, that just always bubbled and overflowed into the next project. I think some of this has rubbed off onto me. If you could spend time with her, it would rub off onto you too! She's still at it, even in her 80's. This last week she told me about painting a treasure box for one of her grandchildren. Because she is a faithful member of our church, this creativity was concentrated in her church callings. She spent much of my impressionable years serving in the young women organization and I watched (and helped) her put on roadshows, organize crafts for girls camp, decorate and undecorate for dances or a fashion show. What has this to do with why I love Primary music?

I was thinking this morning that one of the best things about this calling is that it allows me to be creative! Sometime today, after I get my kitchen cleaned, I'm planning to make two new puppets for my box. These need to look like Book of Mormon children because I want the kids to use them as we review "I Know That My Savior Loves Me." I'm planning to have an "ancient" child lead the first verse and a modern child lead the second verse as we review the song. I also want to update my costumes with some easy Book of Mormon things. I need something that will go on and off easily since I don't want to take time with dressing! I'll use these props in the same way to review the song.

There is something inside of me that just HAS to be creative. My last calling was filled with organizational issues, solving problems and working with people -- adult people. I actually like to cut things out of construction paper! Making puppets is one of my favorite things to do. I think its fun to look through back issues of The Friend and dream up ideas for singing time. Thinking up games is way more fun than attending ward council. And best of all, I get to spend time with these little people who approve of all my creative efforts. The nicest things just come together in this calling. "Thank you, thank you, my heart sings."

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