Friday, February 5, 2010

Singing Time Plan

For one singing time this month, I have a plan to build a visual "bridge" from earth to heaven with 6 pictures of Jesus as the "pillars" for the bridge. I have a blue circle representing the world to place on one side of the chalkboard. I'm using a child from the Primary Visual Aids Cut-outs to stand on the world. I have a white circle to represent heaven to put on the other side of the chalkboard. We'll sing a song for each of the pillars and I'll have the children listen for the message of the song and then decide which picture matches the message. We can place it, along with a paper horizontal bridge span, in the space between the earth and heaven and move the child to stand on that pillar. We'll sing each song in turn and move the child forward with spans and pillars. I'll make a very brief explanation or bear a simple testimony with each song. We'll sing "He Sent His Son" for the last pillar next to heaven. It summarizes so well the role that Jesus plays in the process of our salvation. I could also use the scriptural image of a ladder or a staircase, arranging the pictures and moving the cut-out child up each stair or rung. But, I kind of like the image of a chasm between mortality and heaven and the way Jesus bridges this for us. I don't plan to explain any of this to the children. I'm just hoping to put an image in their mind to help their understanding later. Sometimes it's nice to make connections for ourselves, rather than having everything explained for us. It is so much fun to watch when kids make these connections. I just think of it as a favor to some future Seminary teacher.

#1 - picture of Jesus as a baby - "Little Jesus" - Jesus loved us enough to leave heaven and come to the earth in humble circumstances - I'll change the word Christmas to Sabbath.
#2 - picture of Jesus being baptized - "Baptism" - Jesus gave us ordinances and the example to receive these.
#3 picture of Jesus serving others - "Love One Another" - serving others helps us become like Jesus.
#4 - picture of Jesus and the children - "Jesus is Our Loving Friend" - Jesus continues to love and look after us and help us with our problems.
#5 - picture of Crucifixion - "Reverently, Quietly" - Testify of the significance of this deed.
#6 picture of Jesus - "He Sent His Son" - Jesus is even now waiting to welcome us and bring us to our Heavenly Father. He will be our advocate and friend.

I thought of this idea as I read the first suggestion in the Sharing Time Ideas in the February 2006 issue of The Friend. You could adapt this idea to any theme with the aspect of "getting from here to there." Keeping covenants to return to our Heavenly Father, living worthy to enter the temple, steps in building a happy home, the growth of a testimony, living the gospel from morning till night, preparing for a mission and so on. I'm so glad we have The Friend. I'm constantly rereading these Sharing Time Ideas, thinking of ways that I could adapt the techniques they use to our current theme.

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matildawrites said...

What an interesting idea. I like the idea of reinforcing the message of what you have taught after they have learned the song. Wow.

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