Thursday, February 25, 2010

Singing Time Shopping

Primary choristers everywhere love singing motivators. I've read in a number of places about using enormous clown glasses to look for super singers. These children can then choose the next song or be a helper in some other way. If so many people use this I'm thinking that it must work pretty well. So, off I went on a shopping trip to look for clown glasses. I found them at Party City for $3.00. Matilda has a picture on the sidebar of her blog of some giant ears as well to listen for excellent singers, but I couldn't find any of those. Maybe I'll find them online or when the store restocks their costumes this fall. It's probably just as well. I developed some major inhibitions while serving as Relief Society President. ;) It may take me some time to shed these. The glasses definitely feel more conservative than the ears!

I also found a nice pair of big plastic dice. They are about three times as big as regular dice and made of a soft rubber so they are kind of bouncy. Dice are useful for many things. Just make a numbered key of about anything like songs or phrases or pictures, etc. I try to have a variety of things because the kids like it when you bring out something different. I have several different kinds of dice and these will be great for my little collection.

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matilda said...

I got the ears at the dollar store. But don't be afraid of them. Actually the kids really know that you want to HEAR them if the big ears are on. Truly, because they are giant plastic ears, I can hardly hear anything when I wear them, but I know they try harder when I have them on. I think sometimes they mumble when they sing and don't really sing out so it's a nice visual reminder especially for the little ones.
The glasses are really great though. I've been looking for a big pair for a long time. I have a pink pair that I use to see reverent children, but they are just regular size. I love your great tips!

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