Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just For Fun

Since Valentines Day actually falls on Sunday this year I'm going to do something just for fun. I consciously try to plan my singing time with a purpose so that I take advantage of opportunities to teach the gospel and testify to the children. I don't want anyone to go away wondering what in the world that presentation had to do with the gospel. But, I do tend to be more on the serious side, so I intentionally try to lighten up occasionally.

I've prepared 4-inch conversation hearts with a phrase on the front that matches a song on the back. I'm sure you may have seen this cute idea already. I saw it here. I've had to adjust some of the phrases to match the songs that our children know. I've put lightweight magnets on the back so that the hearts will stick to the chalkboard. I'll use an empty candy bag with a magnet also so that it will look like candy is spilling out of the bag. The kids can choose a heart and try to guess the song. If they can't guess, I can hum or have the pianist play a few notes. Here are the phrases I'm using for the songs. Obviously we won't have time to sing all of these, but there are lots of choices.

Choose Me ---I Lived in Heaven
Wise Up ---The Wise Man and the Foolish Man
Follow Me ---Do As I'm Doing
Happy ---If You're Happy
Fun ---Fun to Do
Promise ---I Love to See the Temple
Shhh ---The Chapel Doors
4Ever ---Families Can Be...
Help Me ---A Happy Helper
Smiles ---Smiles
Love ---He Sent His Son
Favorite ---your favorite song
Pop ---Popcorn Popping
Call Me ---Called to Serve
Shine ---Shine On
Heart Song ---I Am Glad For Many Things
Wiggle ---I Wiggle
The Best ---When I Am Baptized
Angel ---When He Comes Again
Stand by Me ---If The Savior Stood Beside Me

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frosty said...

Very cute idea! I will have to use this for Sunday, thanks!

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