Thursday, March 25, 2010

Choose and Review - Objects for "Follow the Prophet"

This last week I used several objects to represent different principles that have been emphasized by latter-day prophets. I put the objects in the pockets of my apron and assigned an appropriate review song for each object. I also used the GAK picture of the prophet that emphasized each principle. I invited a child to choose an object from a pocket and gave them and the other children a chance to guess what the principle might be. Then I showed the picture of the prophet and told what they taught us about the principle. Then we put the picture and the object on the chalkboard tray and sang the song.

  • Book of Mormon - read the Book of Mormon - Benson - "I Know That My Savior Loves Me"

  • veggies - plant a garden - Kimball - "Follow the Prophet"

  • pencil - be smart - Hinckley - "Seek the Lord Early"

  • paint brush - improve talents - Grant - "Shine On"

  • popcorn - family night - Lee - "Families Can Be..."

  • missionary tag - missionary work - McKay - "I Hope They Call Me..."

  • hand - be of service - Monson - "A Happy Helper"

  • tithing envelope - pay tithing - Snow - "Thanks to Our Father"

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Susan said...

This is great! I love using real-life objects in primary. I can still remember participating in primary when I was little....and being picked to choose an item. I think music time is one of the things that really STICKS with kids. Loooove being a part of it. Thank you so much for posting your ideas!

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